Local salami

Rich and tasty flavour

Among the Brianza cured meats, we cannot forget classic salami: minced meat, salted and stuffed into natural casings, with salt and peppercorns. The cool, dry climate and the right half-light, recreated in the characteristic brick rooms where the salami is left to mature, give the product its typical rich, tasty flavour. Available in 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 1.5 kg formats.

In addition to the classic salami, Brianza produces Rustichello, a salami packaged with the most tender meats, naturally tanned and left to mature longer, to maintain all the softness of the product.

Finally, Felino salami, made with lean meats stuffed into pig’s intestines, also available as a Neapolitan variety, stuffed into cow’s intestines and widespread especially in the southern regions.


Proteins: 26,43%

Fats: 28,20%

Energy value: 366kcal / 100g