One of the most famous medieval villages in Veneto.
A location of excellence

The perfect combination of taste and history

The city of Montagnana, in the province of Padua, is one of the most famous medieval villages in Veneto, also known internationally, which still has its 12th and 14th century walls completed by the Carraresi lords.

The walls, about one metre thick and between 6 to 8 metres high, are characterized by the presence of 24 pyramid-based towers, up to 19 metres high. Externally there is a large moat, where in medieval times the water from the Frassine river flowed.

In the 1400s the city became part of the Serenissima, abandoning its strategic military role and dedicating itself to agricultural and commercial activities, which favoured the settlement of wealthy families and the rise of Renaissance palaces.

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