Each phase of the Brianza cured meats production process is followed with care and attention.
The selection of meat

Meat from certified and selected italian farms.

Each phase of the Brianza cured meats production process is followed with care and attention, starting with the choice of meats, coming only from certified, selected Italian farms.

The modern, technological refrigerators used for transport ensure that the correct temperature is maintained all the time, without interruptions or alterations.

Upon arrival, the goods are inspected and analyzed by a team of specialized veterinarians, who subsequently follow all the processing stages, in order to constantly check the evolution and health of the meat.


The Brianza family still uses traditional manual processing handed down through the ages:

the salting of the meat, massaging, to favour the complete penetration of the aromas, stuffing into natural casings and hand tying are operations that, contribute to the typical genuine, homemade taste of the final product and ensures its quality.

The cured meats are constantly checked, even during the “rest” phases such as drying and seasoning, which in some cases lasts for several months.

Aging takes place in special rooms that recreate the microclimate of the cellars of the past, thanks to the brick walls that naturally filter the air exchange with the outside.


Delivery within 24 hours of ordering

The master butcher checks the seasoning progress daily, controlling the room temperature and making the necessary adjustments for the perfect success of the process, establishing the end of this delicate phase for each individual cured meat.

The product is finally packaged and shipped to its destination through a widespread distribution network, which allows deliveries to be made within 24 hours of ordering.

As popular as they are, Brianza cured meats never take long to arrive.

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